Even 'economy' Stores Have A 'Silver' Lining!

I am a total convert to, and a fan of, the european 'economy' supermarket.....I'm sure you have an idea of who I'm talking about without my naming names! still for better or worse we are part of europe ourselves but don't worry there will be no political debates taking place here.

In this period of economic austerity there is little room for supermarket snobbery anymore, and more often than not, no matter what the expectations of our taste buds, sometimes it is our pocketbooks that determine where we will shop. Yes we may skip around the 'farmers' markets and the local small growers and producers but there comes a time when you just have to go to the supermarket.

As a single parent with 2 growing  teenage children I am effectively supporting 3 adults on a single income, so how to eat well on limited funds yet support Irish producers is a weekly challenge you yourself may be familiar with.
I suggest you just get out there and investigate  these 'outsiders' who have so successfully got a foothold in the Irish market, you might be surprised ! and if you are into supporting Irish sourced produce then you'll be delighted at what you'll find in these establishments along those lines.

But anyway, on to my recent find...beware I'm about to get poetic.....

Five little ducks came along one day..... one got confit'd....... the other 4 are in the freezer awaiting their fate!

I am a duck lover and I'm not ashamed to say it. I know there will be many out there who empathize with the poor little fluffy ducklings and shout from the heights...'how could you? how do you eat that?'...and my answer will be...'preferably confit'd... but I'm partial to a nice Cointreau sauce too!'

Duck is normally regarded as the preserve of the high class restaurant and only the very bravest of people dare take on the cooking of duck in their humble household, yet when it comes to the subject of duck....... Ireland has a secret weapon!